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  A fun way to spend an evening!


      What is a House Concert you ask?  Well it’s a whole lot of fun!  As a host  or hostess you are responsible for inviting as many guests as you can fit  into your home, or your backyard.  Supply refreshments and simple  snacks, of course seating, and a guest room for Monika if necessary.

      This is an intimate evening with friends and family that you would like  to invite.  Choose your favorite style of music of what Monika has to offer,  which is a variety of either 60’s/70’s music, classic country, gospel and  some original material.

      Have your guests arrive at 6 or 6:30 after they’ve had supper, and the  concert will begin at 7. It will run 1½ to 2 hrs (with a few potty breaks for  the guests of course).

      The guests will not have to pay for a ticket unless the host/hostess  wishes to do so; otherwise, a donation basket should be set up  somewhere accessible to each guest to gift the entertainer.  

      A sound system will only be used if it is required for outdoor concerts.


      Over the past few years I have done a lot of singing in more private settings,  retirement homes, restaurants, busking at Red Deer and Calgary Farmers  Markets, so much fun!   I love to listen to the oldies, bringing so many  wonderful memories that I  decided to start singing a lot of those songs to  bring a smile to peoples faces!





What others have to say about Monika’s music...


"I have witnessed Monika with a ‘K’ inspire crowds, engage congregations and encourage coffee shoppers with her variety of music. Her strong vocals assert well-chosen, musical narratives. Shunning the lure of the secular market in favor of bringing her brand of hope to listeners, I maintain a high level of respect for Monika's motives in sharing musical skills that transcend age considerations. Concert-goers will quickly appreciate how this woman freely shares her God-given musical talents from a generous heart of love, sprinkled with appropriate anecdotes, couched in appropriate humor and above all as a humble servant of the Lord."  

      Pastor Lance Duncalfe Windfield, BC



“Monika is a very talented musician. She brings a positive attitude, an amazing voice and plays the guitar with ease! The residents and staff look forward to her visits”.                                                             

        Lori D. Activity Manager

– Cedarwood Station Airdrie                                                                                                     

 “We so enjoyed that evening on so many levels... - your musical talent & presentation style was so relaxing. I'm so happy that you had CDs available because I have played your music so often since, whenever I needed that calming voice & music. I hope you are able to share your talents in the same way many times over. We'll certainly be in your audience if ever you are perfoming near us again..."


                                         D. Crawford – London Ontario



“On behalf of our 22 guests and ourselves, I thank you for taking time to gift us with a concert and your beautiful story of the music you chose for the evening. This was, as you know, the first of what we hope will be many evenings of community sharing, music and entertainment, here at Lavender Sense Farm.  Monika, you have set a great standard for what people can expect when they are invited here for future events.  Always know that you are welcome as a visitor and entertainer any time you are in Ontario - which we hope will be more often.  If you are ever in need of a reference, consider Jesper and me at your service.”                

    Pamela – Lavender Sense Farm B&B

Wallacetown, Ontario

Desert Covians enjoyed a wonderful concert by Monika with a “K”, the guitarist, singer/song-writer from Alberta. On July 4th, 2014, Monika visited this North Okanagan community to perform a musical concert at the Desert Cove Recreation Centre near Vernon, B.C. The “stage” was set with decorative curtained screens, flower arrangements and nifty hats.  Golden oldies, classical country, gospel, rock & roll numbers and some self-composed songs gave great variety to the concert. Covians were mesmerized by Monika’s rendition of “The House of the Rising Sun” and gave an immediate standing ovation. The community looks forward to Monika returning next year.

                                                                       Jean Holtom

     July 2014

   House Concert in Wallacetown, Ontario

                       Lavender Sense Farms B&B

                   February 22, 2013

Monika with a ‘K’ Musik

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