Pricing  & Progam Times  



Prices for voice, guitar, bass and ukulele lessons are as follows:


Lessons are $32.00 per lesson


If you book for the full year (Sept through June) you will receive a discount, and only pay $30.00 per lesson. 

The full years is recommended for voice especially.


Voice lessons consists of 34 lessons, one Saturday workshop and two concerts.  


Guitar lessons consists of 36 lessons and a recital at year end depending on the readiness of the student.


Payments can be made in full, or paid in 10 payments using postdated cheques. 


Please note there will be an extra fee for a book and any supplies for the lessons.

Workshop Pricing


Workshops 1 or 2 day workshops.

Minimum 6 people Maximum 12


Cost for one day workshop is $130.00 a participant.  Full class will run from 10am on a Saturday until 4pm.


Cost for 2 day workshop $175.00 per participant.


Two day workshops will begin Friday evening at 6:30pm until 9 and again Saturday morning at 10 until 4pm.  


Please note: 

Depending on the number of participants will determine the times. 


Workshops can be held at your location, travel expenses will be applicable.

Summer Programming



Guitar or Ukulele
Founder’s Notes 


I give God all the glory for the gift He has given me to help children young and old to not only sing, but find the confidence and help them to become all they are meant to be...

Monika witha K
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Tel: 403-918-2499 | 

We’d love to hear from you!

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